Elliott's - IT Support    


Who Am I?

My name is Elliott Fields and I am a certified IT specialist, based in NW London, with 20 years experience in computing, providing happy customers with IT support throughout the North West London area.


Why Am I Here?

I am here because as the world advances technically at such a vast speed normal people are relying more and more upon their computers to carry out simple everyday tasks, as well as relying entirely on them in the workplace.

In my experience, this has left a lot of my customers completely helpless when something goes wrong with their PCs - and that’s where I come in. I can sort out your computer problem with ease and at a pocket friendly price too. Whether you need help with a new piece of software, setting up broadband or making the internet child safe, I can be of service. And if your PC has started playing up and appears to be broken, don’t panic, stop wasting time shouting at your PC and come and get some help.


So Why Choose Me?

Simply because I want the work and will work hard when get it. You'll get the personal service that I believe is so often lacking these days and my pricing is reasonable enough to inspire you too!  I also give you my personal guarantee not to walk away until you are 100% happy with the service that you have received.