Elliott's - IT Support  


My Prices

I believe in offering a reliable, friendly and affordable service with prices that start from as little as £25 per hour.


Document / Hard Drive Recovery

This is a specialised service which can normally cost many Hundreds, sometimes even Thousands of Pounds - speak to us for an extremely competetive quote.


Special Rates

However life isn't that simple...so unlike most large companies I don't insist on fixed rates, as it doesn’t always suit the job in hand.

What does this mean for you?

It can mean that if a job runs to 2 hours & 10 minutes I won't charge you for the third hour, (especially if you make me a nice cuppa - decaf, white, no sugar please!)

You may also have a big job and let's be honest some computer repair jobs can mount up.  Well don't be put off and think you'll have to pay huge rates for a 10 hour job, because for longer jobs I'll be more than happy to quote you a special price.

So if you have any questions please contact me and we can discuss it...Can you really afford not to get in touch?!