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What I Can Offer To You?

I offer many different computer related services, and hopefully the one that you require - tell me your (computer) problem and I'll let you know if I can solve it.

Some common surgeries are listed on the right hand side of this page, remember though that this is not an exhaustive list, and so please do get in touch with your enquiry, even if your problem is not listed on there.  



If any hardware or software fails on your Laptop or PC, or Apple Computer, then I will endeavour to repair it and return it to its original working status, (or maybe even better!)  This may of course require additional parts but I will be more than happy to not only advise you on the best parts with the best prices available, but to assist you in ordering them.


Have you bought a new hard drive, memory or power supply? Maybe you have decided to invest in a new super duper graphics card. Perhaps you want access to the latest broadband, or a home network, maybe even wireless, so that you can "surf the net" in bed? Are you concerned that you'll break your new hardware if you install it incorrectly, or maybe you've just purchased a new piece of software?
Well if any of these sounds familiar, give me a call.



Have you accidentally formatted your PC? Has your PC broken so badly that you can't recover your vital information? Have you had a particulalry nasty computer virus that has damaged your files? Have you lost those precious moments?


Free Health Check 
Whilst I am visiting your PC I will check it out and give it a full health check to make sure that it is nice and healthy. All of this with no extra cost to you.


It is not only problem solving too, I can also help you at the beginning by helping you install it and set everything up so it runs smoothly from the beginning, thus saving you time and money in the long run.  When buying a new PC, instead of paying for all the "free extras" you don't require, give me a call and have it built by someone who cares about its performance and quality, as well as getting you excellent value for money.